Girls Smile / Girls Talk - Superscope

Label:Zip Records Australia
Tracks:Girls Smile
Girls Talk
Never Ever

The double A sided single, Girls Smile/Girls Talk, is the latest release from Perth power pop band Superscope. Full of slashing power chords and imaginative vocal arrangements, Girls Smile/Girls Talk is a strong follow up to their excellent Popping Crease CDEP from a few years ago. The lead track, Girls Smile, comes and goes with an exhilarating rush that will get your heart pumping. In a similar vein is their guitar driven cover of Elvis Costelloís Girlís Talk. The band have also included the bittersweet, Never Ever, as a bonus track (which also happens to feature Evenís Ashley Naylor on electric piano) which shows that there is more than enough scope in Superscopeís sound to suggest that they are capable of recording an album length release. The only thing holding this single back is the mix, which is a little too thin - the band would have benefited by having the guitars more upfront. Nevertheless, after having to endure numerous lineup changes, Superscope are back as strong as ever.

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